Pub in the Park 2019 – Chef demos announced

tom kerridge demo PITP

We are excitedly counting down the days to Pub in the Park 2019 running from 17th to 19th of May.  MyMarlow has been keeping you in the loop as information is released (eg see here for the food menus), and again we are delighted to be the first place you will read details of the chef demos – always an entertaining aspect of PITP!

We will be treated to demos from an array of top chefs, with plenty of Michelin stars between them, and of course many TV appearances.  (Where a chef runs several restaurants, we have named the one featuring as a pop-up at Pub in the Park if applicable.)

From here on in we’ll be updating you regularly on what else we can look forward to at PITP 2019 🙂 

Friday evening

PITP Fri evening Josh Tom Jason

Saturday afternoon

PITP Sat afternoon - Andrew Angela Tom

Saturday evening

PITP Sat Evening Phil Tom Atul

Sunday afternoon

PITP Sun afternoon Jay Atul Tom Monica

Sunday evening

PITP Sunday Eve - Claire Sarah Dom Stephen


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