Plans to replace Regal House with flats REFUSED


A planning application for to replace Regal House with apartments has been refused.

The site, where the formal Regal Cinema had been located prior to the current office block, was the subject of a planning application by owners Sorbon Estates for the “demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of site to provide 25 apartments”

regal house plans
impression of plans, as per publicly view-able images on WDC planning website

The official decision notice was quite comprehensive in its refusal, stating (in summary)

  1. Loss of “active ongoing employment use” of the building
  2. Impact on the prominence and setting of adjacent Marlow Place.
  3. The design not improving the character of the area
  4. Impact on privacy of neighbours
  5. Inadequate parking provision

All of the above had been referred to in multiple objections lodged by Marlow residents.


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