Chloe Brew – Marlow’s “hidden” Olympian

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Congratulations to Marlow resident Chloe Brew, who has been selected to row for Team GB in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, in the Women’s eight. This is course is a dream come true – but for Chloe it has been a particular challenge to get to this point!

Originally from Plymouth, due to lockdown Chloe has spent the past year mostly training in her small garage in Marlow (see video below) and occasionally at the Team GB facility at Caversham. It has been isolated, solitary training 5-6 hours a day which no doubt has taken huge mental strength and resilience.

Funding difficulties

Chloe is a new athlete on the team, and is on the lowest level of funding which doesn’t cover day to day living or travel costs. She used to have two jobs alongside her training, but has been unable to continue to work outside the sport due to the Covid-19 risks, and resultant impact on her intense training plan.

In need of support to carry on her Olympic crusade, Chloe has launched a fundraiser to help cover the costs of her transport for squad training, the link is here:

MyMarlow says….

It is so impressive what Chloe has achieved training alone, in a small garage in deepest lockdown for the last year! It’s a real story of resilience and determination and we are delighted to be helping to raise the profile of her efforts! Congratulations on your Team GB selection Chloe, we will be following your progress!

Article author: Paul Merchant

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