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In recent days the nearby village of Hambleden has been transformed, with shop signs and an amazing range of floral displays. The major part of the work has been near the lovely Stag and Huntsman pub, which has been rebranded as the “Elderflower Ale House”, and the whole street has been taken over….

The reason for all this? Disney is filming “Disenchanted”, the follow up to the hit 2007 movie “Enchanted”!

Here’s Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in November 2021 announcing the film:

MyMarlow has been onsite in recent days and today, and the number of people and scale of the transformation is quite amazing. In addition to the Stag and Hunstman area, other parts of the village have been adorned with fake (but very realistic) flowers and props, and nearby car parks and fields have been taken over for parking and support services. Today we spotted a “stunt horse” team in the field next to the church too. Anyone who has been through the village in recent days can’t have failed to notice it all!

Here’s our selection of photos, taken in the days leading up to today and today itself- when the principal filming took place:

Article author: Paul Merchant

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