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We have been passed an update from Brand Events, the team behind Christmas in the Park , which is below. It concerns the work they stated at the outset they would carry out to leave the turf in Higginson Park in a much better state than they found it 🙂

We are pleased to confirm that the next stage of Christmas in the Park’s refurbishment works of the grass areas in Higginson Park started yesterday.

 Ahead of the event, it was agreed with both Marlow Town and Buckinghamshire Councils that Christmas in the Park would undertake a major programme of upgrade works to the grass which we as an organisation are fully funding.  We are spending over £20,000 on this work.

 The areas used for the event were those agreed with the council that were already in need of refurbishment. We are now embarking on the largest planned improvement to the grass in Higginson Park that will have been seen for many years.

Our intention is not just to restore the grass to its original condition but to leave it looking better and more robust than ever before.

Our plans include laying fresh turf, improving the soil and making additional improvements to the land and grass. As such, some areas of the park will be cordoned off for a period of time. These works will be ongoing in January and regular users of the park can expect to see significant improvement over the next 4 weeks.

 The rainy conditions of the event break down increased the mud and disruption to the pathways. A major programme of path cleaning took place from 27-30 December. We apologise to anyone who was affected by the mud or the clean-up operation.

As a local business, we care deeply about our local park. We have a strong history of providing great days and nights for our customers within the town in many venues and supporting a wide variety of community and charity initiatives. 

We are taking all comments on board and we will be reviewing the locations for our future Christmas events.

Finally thank you to everyone for all their support, interest and feedback. 


Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded MyMarlow.co.uk in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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