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The plastic hedge, outside Chequers on the high street, caused such outcry that the new owners T M Steaks have now claimed that the plan was to always replace them with real ones!

Well, that maybe but the scandal started weeks ago – but it wasn’t until July 17th, when Bucks Free Press publicised the feelings of Marlow that it all got out of hand.

The Bucks Free Press published daily articles on the state of the hedge, got quotes from councillors, towns-people and tradesmen and really escalated the problem.

It seemed that this was the biggest outrage to hit the small town since Starbucks came – and all this time T M Steaks kept quiet.

Until yesterday… ‘T M Stakes, (sic) the new tenants at The Chequers, said it had simply been waiting for the real plants to arrive and the plastic version had always purely been intended as an ‘interim measure’. (Bucks free press 20th July)

In a way, I am happy that new companies are coming to the town and are considering the people’s needs but be open and honest as well. If you like your hedge and you think it looks good stick to your guns, the people will come round eventually and respect you for it.

Of course, it could be a massive PR drive as the pub opens on Friday 23rd and it sure has got enough press – and when you read about the hedge you can’t help but read about the re-furb or the real wood floors.

Whatever the real story is Chequers has been missing from our lives for two years – let’s give it a chance, and hope that it has a dance floor!

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  1. Looks like this weeks Marlow Free Press is following your lead on the “backlash against the backlash”. What a kerfuffle!

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