Town Centre paid parking? Delayed… but still wanted by Bucks County Council

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Bucks County Council recently introduced plans for paid parking on the high Street and other town centre roads (read our original article here). They were keen to push this through quickly – Marlow Town Council, The Chamber of Trade and the Marlow Society were and are all against it. 

When posted on our Facebook page it was clear the public were overwhelmingly against it too. A couple of commenters said they looked forward to less traffic on the roads, but this would not be an outcome – there would actually be more spaces, but only for those who can and are willing to pay. It would impact those of reduced mobility who rely on parking that close to town, or quite simply the ability to just quick stop and pop in for a quick shop when passing through.

Earlier this week there was a slight reprieve, but things are far from over. Alex Collingwood, (the Bucks County Councillor covering Marlow) “called it in”. A decision can be “called in” if at least 3 BCC councillors are not happy with something, and they can force it to go back to committee to be reviewed. 

The end result was the decision was withdrawn – it was agreed they needed to carry out a proper consultation first – a key part of the process that had been omitted the first time(!). However from everything we hear – we believe BCC still hope for the same outcome! 

So, in the meantime Marlow Town Council are meeting early next week to quickly set up a campaign to oppose the plans, which affect those of us in Marlow and also residents in local villages who pop into town for shopping. Expect part of this campaign to be a petition, which – with enough signatories – would make BCC sit up and listen!  Certainly our Town Mayor is very much against this happening in Marlow, as soon as we have the link to the petition it will be shared on this site.


2 thoughts on “Town Centre paid parking? Delayed… but still wanted by Bucks County Council”

  1. I think that paid parking on the High Street and other town centre roads would be disastrous and discriminatory in favour of better off people.

  2. What is the actual argument FOR free parking (a luxury which is not mirrored often elsewhere)? Please don’t say it is about maintaining local independent businesses because nobody has ever raised a petition in their favour that would directly benefit them, like monstrous rent and rent increases…and it hasn’t stopped the very popular Wimpy from being forced out?

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