*FULL STORY* Protests in Marlow on Friday – what, where and why?

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An Extinction Rebellion protest is planned for this Friday 21 June in Marlow town centre.

We have all the info (of course!), but also in the interest of balance we have spoken to the organisers themselves to provide some background on their activities. So what’s it all about?

DATE: Friday 21 June
TIME: From 12.30pm
WHERE: Riley Park, then outside Barclays Bank, then Higginson Park after 3pm

The biggest concern for locals is the Praise In The Park celebration, which all the Marlow church schools are participating in at 1pm in Higginson Park. We asked the protest organisers if that will be disrupted in any way:

“Absolutely not – we adjusted our timings when we found out about the event as we want them to be able to go and sing and get home safe and happy…some of them are in fact joining us afterwards! We didn’t feel that it was necessary to close the High Street as we simply wanted to march up the road for 5 minutes at about 3pm and again at about 4.30pm, but a decision was made by TVP and Transport for Bucks”.

Take a look at our handy map below showing all the open car parks, protest spots, timings and road closure sites.

From the Extinction Rebellion page: “We have the knowledge, skills and technologies to stop climate change. All over the world people have woken up to the threat, and are working to reduce the use of fossil fuels, stop rainforest destruction and get power from clean energy.

This protest is against Barclays, according to the event page: “Barclays leads Europe in banking fossil fuels and fossil fuel expansion. They are the top European banker of fracking and coal power and are the only UK bank investing in the Canadian Tar Sands project. Barclays finances 15 fossil fuel companies including those corporations pushing ahead the plans to develop the fracking industry in the UK.

We’ll also spend time talking with passers by and inviting people to attend our upcoming talk on the current climate and biodiversity crisis as well as offering out home-made cake and baked treats.

Extinction Rebellion Protest – Fri 21 June 2019

MyMarlow View:

Whether you agree or disagree with the cause, or if your route is disrupted due to the High Street’s closure,  we know that the protest will be peaceful and respectful on every side because… well, this is Marlow!

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